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Topic: Under Construction--a Web App Smoke Test System with Java 8

If your destiny is, like mine, tied to the delivery of killer applications, the sitetest epic is going to be relevant to you. Here is the story of building a qualification system to test a web application prior to its automated deployment. The purpose of this is to provide automated testing via Selenium which provides local browser automation as well as a Browserstack Automate's 1,100 + device farm.

Date Created: 9/22/2017
Date Updated: 5/25/2020

How to Work with This Code

  • The class TargetList contains a list of the webpages that are going to be scanned. It currently points to my webpages. Update this to scan your webpages.
  • To create a custom test, try cloning the ScriptLink class. Update its run() method to put in custom test logic. Note that the test will need to be added to TargetList in a couple of places, just search on VersionSlug and clone the references.

Some More Approaches

Business Justification at

Secure My Browserstack Credentials in project API docs

Set Up in Maven in project readme

A Technical Demonstration of this Component

Early Class Design Idea in source

How to use the Java 8 Runtime object to execute shell commands in Windows -- from Stack Overflow.

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