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Topic:The Java Time API

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Java's time's Year class, one of many abstractions, provides familiar idioms such as year.isLeap().  Leap years do not occur on years divisible by 100. This simple API call reduces the need to write and debug unnecessary code.     


Application Program Interfaces or API's are workhorses.  They enable programmers to link to professionally architected, tested and maintained code.                       

Date Created: 5/23/2020
Date Updated: 5/23/2020

So What?  

  1. Inexpensive micro-compute services, such as AWS lambda,      can compose communications with users in friendly     time formats, while bridging systems that are operating in multiple timezones, locales and  calendar systems.           
  2. The Time API is built using a fluent style, that yields code with readability close to plain English.          
  3. Simplified  parallel processing, via the linked stream API, enables realtime processing and faster map reductions essential for  realtime big data.        
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